Coffee Table Tick Tock by Any Howard

This square coffee table gave us the perfect opportunity to try our hand at a coastal sensibility. Michele Hilley of Stiltskin Studios and an affiliate of Amy Howard products, had sent me a gorgeous color: Tick Tock, an eye-catching light blueish-green. By the way, Michele and husband Kenny do astonishingly creative work, so be sure and check them out.

Amy Howard Tick Tock

Tick Tock belongs to Amy Howard’s One Step paint line and is a great color for beach furniture. I was sure I could easily get one coat down on the coffee table with the 4-oz. sample size. The question was: could I get 2 coats down? In hindsight, this was a very pessimistic view.

Coffee Table


Indecision prompted me choose to cover the table with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Paris Grey. My internal debate went as follows:

Voice 1: You don’t need a primer. Just go with the Tick Tock and see how far it’ll take you. You will easily get 2 coats on that table.

Voice 2: But what if you run out of paint? You don’t want patches of wood showing through. Why not contrast the grey depths of the ocean water with its light, sunny greenness?

It should come as no surprise that Voice 2 won.

Paris Grey went down first, but in retrospect, I wouldn’t do that for future projects because I had plenty of Amy Howard’s Tick Tock paint — even in a 4 oz. sample jar.

Coffee Table Paris Grey Annie SloanTick Tock came next. It’s a beautiful color reminiscent of the warm, clear water surrounding  Caribbean islands. I love the imagery it evokes: warm breeze, fruity rum drinks, toes dangling in crystal clear waters, brightly colored tropical fish darting to and fro. Needless to say, I’m a real fan.

Here’s my advice on using Amy Howard’s paint:

  • Make sure the pigment in the bottom is absorbed. Turn the paint over for an hour, shake it or stir it.
  • Wait until the first coat dries completely; the second coat will go on easily and fill in any thin patches.

Since I was doing so well experimenting with the new paint, I decided to add a color wash. I only had Annie Sloan’s Pure White on hand, so I added water to the Pure White, about 2.5 to 1. I lightly brushed it on and wiped it off, working in small sections.

Coffee Table Tick Tock Amy Howard

In the above photo I’m attempting to contrast the white wash on the table with the Tick Tock (and no wash) on the drawer. The color wash softened the Tick Tock so that it looked like a mist of sea salt had settled over the table. I love how it accented the carvings.

Coffee Table Tick Tock by Amy Howard

I used Clear Wax to seal it but decided against adding any Dark Wax, because I wanted to retain the feeling of lightness.

With the painting complete, the table looked fantastic. Before we could finish the project however,  we faced one last obstacle. The intricate, raised designs that looked so interesting left the table top choppy and precarious. Let’s face it, if you tried to set your drink on one of those bumpy designs, you’d have a mess to clean up. I can envision a little one’s grape juice settling in the grooves.

We came up with an easy solution. One trip to the local hardware store and we added 4 glass inserts to level out the top. The finished table will look great at any beach house. I also think Tick Tock would be a perfect color for a nursery.

As an added bonus, I actually had paint left over — almost a quarter of a jar. I can’t wait to use Amy Howard paints again in the future. I’m especially looking forward to testing out her Lacquer Spray. I’ll be sure and share my results, so be sure and stay tuned!

Coffee Table Square Carved Finished 2 copy

Disclosure: I was not compensated for my review of Amy Howard’s One Step Paint. I simply shared my opinion of the product: thumbs up and I’ll use it again. I’ve also recently learned that select Ace Hardware Stores now carry her paints.

Have a great week,

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