David and I are still in the acquisition, repair, and painting phases of our new business. Of course everything takes longer than expected. We’re still debating our grand opening online. January? November (obviously that didn’t work)? December? February? To repeat, everything takes longer than expected.

I want to share a bit of what goes into acquiring our furniture.

Just look at that gorgeous hardware.
Just look at that gorgeous hardware.

We woke early one recent Saturday morning to driving rain. Not so unusual in Florida’s hurricane season. Rather than roll over and pull up the covers–so tempting–David and I headed to an estate sale over an hour before the doors opened. We had rain jackets and umbrellas and anticipated a long line of eager, soggy buyers.

I knew an hour in the downpour would drench us. But this was the final day of an estate sale, which translated into 50% off at that particular sale.

Drexel Heritage Armoire Hardware 1

Small magical moments began to happen. We were the first in line. We stood under an overhang. The rain couldn’t touch us. I sat in a lightweight, folding chair that we brought. Fifteen minutes before the doors opened the seller peeked out. My determination must have charmed him because he promised me a 10-second head start. That is big.

I had scoped out the merchandise the previous afternoon, right before closing time. I knew the two matching pieces I wanted, where they were, and exactly how much they’d cost. Drexel Heritage. Solid. Beautiful.

Even without those 10 seconds I would have reached them before anybody. My choices disappointed the person third in line.

Next, we needed to transport them. That’s where our good neighbor, Jerry, came in. Jerry has a pickup. The guys drove over to load up the pieces while I cleared space in our study, where these beauties now keep me company. The dresser came with two attachable mirrors and the and the armoire is a true wardrobe armoire, not an entertainment system.

Drexel Heritage Dresser

Drexel Heritage Armoire

I love them. After I clean them up, I’m inclined to let the buyer choose the paint colors.

In the meantime we are almost finished with four other pieces.

Ann Marie

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