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Share Buttons on your WordPress blog photos make it simple for readers to place your photos into their social media accounts. The Frizzly plugin lets readers post your images to their Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Frizzly is easy to install and terrifically helpful for sharing.

To show what we mean, just take your cursor and hover over the photo above. Is that great, or what? You may choose to place Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter Share Buttons. You also get to decide placement of the icons on the top, middle, or bottom of your image. We chose upper left.

Frizzly is easy to install. Let’s run through a quick How-to using the images provided by Marcin Skrypiec, the developer of Frizzly:

    • Download “Frizzly” — click here
    • Go to your Plugins and add Frizzly
    • Once Frizzly appears on your Dashboard, click on it
    • Click on Button Sets
    • Frizzly Button Sets
  • At the very top of screen, click on the blue button: Add New Button Set Frizzly Button Set
  • Drag the buttons you want to appear on your photos from the right column to the led column and hit Publish

Frizzly Button Set

  • Click on Frizzly on your Dashboard to go back to Frizzly Settings
  • Click on the General tab, click Hover. Save Changes.
  • Click on the Hover tab and go to Position. Decide where you want your buttons to appear: top, middle, bottom; left, middle, right. Save Changes.

We’ll defer to the developer for this next step. Because we installed Frizzly last week, we can’t get back to the exact image. So here’s what Marcin says you will see:

Use the created button set

Choosing the new button set

Now let’s get back to the module where you want to use the button set you just created. If it’s the hover module, go to its settings and choose your newly create button set from the dropdown list (remember it must be published to be visible on that list!). Now you just need to press the Save Changes button on the bottom of the settings page. Mission accomplished – only the buttons you have chosen will be shown when hovering over an image!

We’ve wanted to do something like this for months. Our delight with the ease of Frizzly made us decide to share it immediately.

By the way, the photo shows items for sale in our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery. 

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