My best friend from college, Barbara, now lives in England. Happily, she has an excellent phone plan and we talk often. She recently told me about Car Boot Shows. Basically, sellers drive to a designated location, lift their boot (car trunk) and begin negotiating with buyers. Here’s a link to prove it’s a thing.

I’d like to think that Avonlea Antique Mall’s British owners want to bring a bit of Merry Old England to Florida with their parking lot sales. We joined in the fun for their Spring Sale. First, though, we bought a new tent from R.E.I.— you must have a tent in Florida.

Avonlea Parking Lot Sale Spring 2015


The event was low-key, perhaps because you are limited by the size of your trunk, and it only ran from 8 ’til 2. Mall vendors and the general public could pay a modest fee for two parking spaces. Cars, vans, SUVs, and pickup trucks started lining up at 6 a.m. to be processed once 7 a.m. rolled around. Some people had mall inventory that they were ready to part with; others offered general merchandise, like refinished bicycles, stereo speakers, and knick-knacks.

Several men talked to David about his rehabbed vintage Raleigh 3-speed bikes.



Our new pet bed / end table generated a lot of chatter and a couple of married lawyers were soooooo close to buying it, but no deal. We did, however, sell several small items.

End Table / Pet BedDavid and I ran quick, separate excursions into the mall to look at a larger, soon-to-be-available space. We’ll be shifting from our tiny 5′ x 9′ space into a larger one — a spacious 10′ x 10. Of course, we just painted our small booth aubergine a few weeks ago.

We have enough inventory for this move and we want to include our son Michael in the business. He has acquired some astonishing Mid-Century Modern pieces. I’ll tell you about our transition in a later post.

One week after the Parking Lot Sale, Avonlea hosted its Antique and Classic Car Show. Car enthusiasts came out to play.


David and Michael displayed their amazing Cooler Stereos. They take a basic cooler, but instead of ice and beer, put stereo speakers inside. Sealed Lead Acid Batteries provide the power. The coolers are water resistant, so you can take these babies to the beach, camping, picnics, campfires — anywhere outdoors — because they’re durable.

Stereo Made From Cooler

How’s this for Karma? Michael began playing music as the Avonlea team set up at 6 a.m. The DJ’s arrival quashed Michael’s show and he turned his Cooler Stereo off, as requested. A few hours into the event, a driving rain swept through, sending everybody scrambling.

Michael fired up his orange cooler out in the downpour and played on. Of course, that drew men over. They gazed appreciatively as they got soaked and the music kept blasting. I guess marine, waterproof components rock on during downpours or long tubing excursions floating along Florida’s springs.

He got an order for a large cooler.  Avonlea may create a display area in the mall. I didn’t attend but showed my support by buying raffle tickets. I WON! Here’s my prize: a Cheltenham Picnic Rug (100% lambswool) in a Satchel. How great is that?

Picnic Rug and Satchel by Twillmill

Thanks for visiting with us. Stop by again.

Ann Marie and David


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