We’re running as fast as we can to present Christmas decor. This white Musical Church is only the beginning. Instead of hunting down presents, this year we’re trying our best to stock our space with Christmas cheer. Have a look at some unusual holiday decorations in our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery.

White Musical Church

Musical Church

I found this church — it’s big, approximately 16 inches — stashed in the garage at an estate sale. In addition to the usual odds and ends, the company running the sale shoved various damaged and inexpensive items into the garage to free up space inside. It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes you can find a diamond in the rough. This little church needed plenty of TLC, but his music box plays Silent Night in the most beautiful tone.

Musical Church

We used Annie Sloan’s Pure White Chalk Paint to brighten him up, and sprinkled a bag of white ice glitter over his roof, windowsills, steps, and base. David sprayed artificial snow on a couple of new Christmas trees. Gold glitter went on the cross and bell tower.

Musical Church

He’s quite sturdy. I like to think the original builder poured love into his creation. We changed out the red lightbulb to a soft white to shine through the red-glittered windows.

White Ceramic Christmas Tree

I prefer the white ceramic Christmas trees to the green and stay on the lookout for them all year long. David and Michael brought this one home just the other day. I need to purchase a few bulbs to complete the set, but then this beauty is ready to go into our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery.

White Ceramic Christmas Tree
White Ceramic Christmas Tree

 Miniature Christmas House

We still have this realistic house-in-a-box that is back in the booth. Whoever made it paid enormous attention to detail. I’m sure this year it will find a loving home.

Miniature Christmas Scene

Aerial View of Boxed Christmas Scene

Avonlea’s Train Display

This next display isn’t in our booth. David helped create this charming winter scene, complete with train set and trolley, at the front of the Avonlea Antiques. He spent days immersed in this project, and it’s gorgeous. Shoppers find themselves admiring the intricacies of the village built on three-levels as the train cheerily puffs along.

Don’t forget ‘Flip the Switch’ is happening this afternoon at 4pm! The official opening of this year’s Avonleadale, model train and Department 56 village, will be taking place.All Charity donations this year will be going to Wolfson Children’s Hospital.
For those of you inquiring, the mountain backdrop was painted by Georgina Kerr, one of Avonlea’s owners.

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  1. Mary-the boondocks blog
    December 15, 2016 at 10:19 pm (5 years ago)

    Ann Marie, the mini tree is so pretty. I prefer the white too. And the little house in a box is packed with so much. But of course, the church is the prettiest one of all with all of the lovely details. I want to wish you and your family Happy Holidays.


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