Since we got into the furniture business, we’re always learning something new. Take one of our recent acquisitions. We thought we bought an armoire but our furniture expert corrected that misperception.

It’s a clothes press, he said. Armoires contain a bar to hang clothing, but a clothes press has drawers into which you place your freshly ironed clothes or linens.
Clothes Press White Furniture Co.

A gorgeous piece, it boasts the White Furniture Company of Mebane, NC mark. We searched for an identical piece on the web but didn’t find a match. If you want to read more about my crush on White Furniture, try White Furniture Co. of Mebane, NC – Part 1 and Part 2.
White furniture label

This is a heavy beast — solid, functional, beautiful. Thankfully it includes casters.
White Furniture Company Clothes Press
Clothes Press White Furniture Co.
I love the raised, faceted, carved medallions on the front doors, but I can’t claim to have had much involvement with this project. David rode point.
White Furniture Company Clothes Press

He explains about cleaning those medallions here:

We initially thought the brass hardware was profoundly tarnished. Each of the knobs, door and drawer pulls sported a white covering. We tried to polish the brass with lemon juice and salt, but the tenacious white substance remained.

It occurred to David that perhaps the brass hardware had been treated at the factory with a lacquer spray for brass. He used laquer thinner to soak pieces in a small bowl for a few minutes. Next, he rubbed the brass with a rough-weave cloth and a brass wire bristle brush to scrub away the deteriorated lacquer finish.

Eureka! The white milky substance turned out to be lacquer that had allowed moisture to penetrate and cause a chemical breakdown. The result was the layer of opaque white over most of the surfaces. David eliminated the crud and brought back the warmth of the brass hardware.

The cloudy top coat pictured below is indicative of all hardware:
White Furniture Company Clothes Press

He worked hard cleaning the hardware:
White Furniture Company Clothes Press

It’s obvious that David, with all his devotion to this piece, loves her and wants to keep her. For the moment, though, she stands in Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery. 
Clothes Press

Ann Marie and David

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