Look what David and Michael brought home! A Mid-Century Modern chest and mirror. No manufacturer’s label, someone’s social security number carved into the wood (I blurred the last numbers), and an old computer punch card.

Soc Sec Number

Jacksonville’s a Navy town and a lot of sailors, officers, and government employees retire here. So, let’s speculate. Come with me back to the 1960s — the height of the Cold War. Maybe someone  — an American spy — bought this chest on a secret mission in Denmark or Sweden. And shipped it home. The punch card provided an address or tracking number; the social security number revealed the individual’s exact identify to his government.
MCM Chest with Mirror

The chest followed our spy into suburban retirement, a gated community. It patiently sat, waiting for us, at an estate sale. I like that scenario.

But this sturdy little guy lacked a back. Here’s how he looked when he came to our home. Who would remove the back? And why? Why replace the back panel with two short mismatched ones?

MCM 3-Drawer Chest with Mirror

With all the drawers out, the breeze just blew through him.

MCM Chest with Mirror

David quickly remedied that situation. He cut a piece of plywood, screwed it in place, and reattached those braces for the mirror.

MCM Chest with Mirror

Here’s the newly affixed panel. The weighty mirror slid right into place. I rotated this photo so the chest and mirror appear upright. Meanwhile, David shellacked the plywood panel but I didn’t get a photo.

MCM 3-Drawer Chest with Mirror

I’d like to introduce you to our dashing MCM chest, all cleaned up and ready for Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery. I think he’ll look great in an entry hall, but he’s versatile. Update: This beautiful boy sold 20 minutes after he hit the showroom floor.

A quick photography tip: when taking pictures of mirrors, shoot from a low perspective to capture the trees and sky.

MCM 3-Drawer Chest and Mirror

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Ann Marie and David

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