DIY Wall Art with Stencils and Templates

I want to present three different pieces of DIY wall art that I made with stencils and templates. A couple are already on display in our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery.

Octopus Stencil on Canvas

These first two pieces are created from stencils designed and cut by Cate Tinsley, a talented  artist and illustrator whose business is called Olive Leaf Stencils. She offers an amazing  selection of wall stencils and I can’t recommend her enough. I found her on Etsy I asked if she could reduce a couple of her oceanic images. Hooray! She agreed.

My instinct tells me there’s a niche for these images since our booth stands about 15 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll see — but the final images look great.
Octopus Stencil

I used an 18″ x 24″ canvas for this mighty guy and painted the background periwinkle. The silvery octopus shimmers — and the photo doesn’t do him justice.

I’d like to paint my next octopus with more colors — blues and greens for the watery background — and add dimension and texture to the octopus with VP Antico by Artisan Enhancements.

Tube Coral Stencil on Pallet Wood

This is the other stencil from Olive Leave Stencils. Isn’t it fantastic? David cut pallet wood to  form a 31″ x 20.75″ surface. Using a belt sander, he sanded the slats as smooth as he could so the stencil would lay as flat as possible. He added a frame to the back.

I whitewashed the raw wood with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP) Old White and rolled the stencil with ASCP Barcelona Orange.

Tube Coral Stencil

This guy is heavy — 10 pounds — but won’t he look terrific as the focal point in a beach cottage? He’ll go into our booth in the next couple of days.

I’m entertaining the idea of customizing the octopus and coral in colors requested by clients. What do you think? The alternative, for now, is simply to choose my own colors and surface — either canvas or wood, and sell them in the booth.

Halloween Mirror Silhouettes

DIY Wall Art

This last wall art project arrives in time for Halloween. I’ve had this 4-paned mirror for too long. I repainted it a while back, but it never garnered any attention. Something drastic needed to be done — I’m determined to sell this piece. Halloween gave me the perfect idea. I remembered seeing a photo on The Graphics Fairy site for Halloween projects. Emily Martin created the window below, and it served as the inspiration for my mirror.

Halloween Window Silhouettes

I bought my supplies at Joann’s:

  • a black glitter card with adhesive backing
  • black acrylic paint
  • cobwebbing

I gave a slipshod paint job to the frame — it’s supposed to look creepy. An old peeling window frame might work as well, but you use what you have on hand. I liked the glossy black look.

On my computer, I reduced the size of the templates and printed out the images. Next, I cut the vulture, raven, crow, and rat and traced them onto the white adhesive backing of the black glitter. Cut and adhere.

With the paint dry and the silhouettes attached, the mirror still needed something. A small bag of fake cobwebbing did the trick. I stretched webbing across the frame and added a free spider that came in the package. Voilà!

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Ann Marie and David


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