Today I’m talking about DIY upholstery fabric pumpkins. Yes, there are loads of instructional videos and posts explaining how to make DIY fabric pumpkins. Does the world really need another tutorial? Absolutely, because we’re focusing on DIY upholstery fabric pumpkins.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
My pumpkins — 3 so far — resulted from a conversation I had with my son:

Me: Should I order some Etsy pumpkins for our booth? It’s that time of year.

Michael: You know, Ellen (another dealer) makes pumpkins over the weekend, puts them in her booth, and they sell during the week.

Oh! Sure. Why not? There’s no reason I can’t whip up a few, I suppose. In fact, let’s do it with the leftover upholstery fabric used to recover dining chairs:
American of Martinsville

DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkins Tutorial

First of all, I looked at several DIY pumpkin sites and modified the design so it would work with thick upholstery fabric.

Make sure you cut your fabric twice as long as its width. I went with 16″ x 8″, but it’s your choice.

By cutting on the bias, you’ll create the greatest amount of stretchiness for your pumpkin. I based my very rough template on Made To Sew’s cut-on-the-bias one.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkins
Line the arrow up with the fabric’s selvage — that’s the side with a frayed edge or white band. Use chalk, marker, or pencil to outline this template on the right (pattern) side of your fabric.


Fold the fabric in half, with the right sides together, and pin.

Hand Stitch – No Machine Needed!

Don’t knot your doubled thread, just put  3 small stitches on top on one another to anchor it.

I sewed a running stitch using regular thread, then went back and filled in the spaces between the stitches with filament thread because I don’t want visible gaps. Unfortunately, my incredibly fine filament thread became nearly invisible while I sewed.
Running stitch
Press open the seam.

With your thread doubled, sew a running stitch along a single side of the fabric. Leave thread tails at either end because you’re going to gather. Note: You are not sewing sides together. Simply sew along the circumference. You can see my stitching and tails along the bottom of the fabric:
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
Pull the threads to gather the fabric. Since you’re working with thick fabric, don’t expect a perfectly tight circle.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
Once gathered, tightly wrap thread around the fabric.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
Flip the pumpkin right-side-up. Here’s how it will look empty:
DIY Upholstery Fabric PumpkinAnd filled with poly fiberfill:
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin


Begin to stuff with poly fiberfill. No matter how much you put in, it won’t be enough. Keep going.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
For the top of the pumpkin, sew a running stitch along the top circumference, but first turn over about 1/8″ of fabric.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
Gather your fabric with the two thread tails. Remember, it won’t close tightly because of fabric thickness. Mine had an opening about the size of a quarter.

I used a limb clipper to cut a wooden branch for the stem, then plugged in the hot glue gun. After slathering hot glue on the base of the branch, I pushed it down into the pumpkin as far as it would go.
DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
After the stem was in, I sewed a few stitches around the opening to tighten it a bit more.


It’s time to decorate with fall decor! I assembled leaves, ribbon, and picks of berries and reached for my glue gun.
DIY DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
After decorating, I decided I didn’t like the length of the stem. It needed trimming, courtesy of the limb cutter. Frankly, I think the stem is too thick for this pumpkin, but since I’m working on a deadline to bring you breaking tutorials, I can’t be choosy.
DIY DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
Ta-da! One of the DIY upholstery fabric pumpkins sits on scattered autumn leaves.
DIY DIY Upholstery Fabric Pumpkin
Thanks for stopping by. Right now, all 3 pumpkins are in our booth at Avonlea Antiques & Interiors. Let’s see if anyone else thinks they’re charming.

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