Pause and Revitalize

Pause and Revitalize #17

Ready for inspiration? Even if you’re not open to encouragement today, keep yourself open to your strength.

Joseph Campbell, American mythologist, writer and lecture. 1904-1987

Joseph Campbell quote
“If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” Joseph Campbell

Denzel Washington, American actor and filmmaker. 1954 –
Denzel Washington quote

“I say luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.” Denzel Washington

Lucille Ball, American actress, comedian, model, film-studio executive, and producer. 1911 – 1989
Lucille Ball quote

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” Lucille Ball



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Pause and Revitalize #8
inspirational quoteinspirational quoteinspirational quote

Ann Marie

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Pause and Revitalize #16

How are you doing today? We’ve made it to the middle of the week.

Keep breathing. Inhale. Exhale. No matter what you are dealing with, you have the strength to get through it. Here are words of encouragement:

Seneca the Younger, Roman Stoic philosopher, statesman, dramatist. (4 BCE – 65 AD)
Seneca the Younger quote

Langston Hughes, American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright, and columnist (1902 – 1967)
Langston Hughes quote

e.e. cummings, American poet, painter, essayist, author, and playwright (1884-1962)
e.e. cummings quote

Thanks for stopping by, You can find more inspirational quotes at Iris Abbey Pinterest Quotes.

Ann Marie

A look back at Pause and Revitalize #14:
Langston Hughes quotePaulo Coelho quoteThomas Merton quote

Pause and Revitalize #15

Stop what you are doing for a moment and appreciate the beauty of colors surrounding you.

Leigh Hunt, English critic, essayist, poet, and writer (1784 – 1859)
Colours are the smiles of nature. Leigh Hunt copy

Georgia O’Keefe, American artist (1887-1986)
Georgia O'Keefe quote

Joan Miró, Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist (1893 – 1983)Joan Miró quote

Enjoy this color-filled day,

Ann Marie

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Pause and Revitalize #14

Welcome! I offer you a few minutes to breathe deeply. Think about where you are headed. Reflect on your dreams, taking risks and — this is important — recognizing your strength. Inhale . . . exhale. You really are amazing.


Langston Hughes, American poet, social activist, novelist, playwright (1902 – 1967)
Langston Hughes quote


Paulo Coelho, Brazilian lyricist and novelist. (1947 – )
Paulo Coelho quote

Thomas Merton, American Catholic writer and mystic (1915 – 1968)
Thomas Merton quote

Enjoy this day. Try something new.

Ann Marie

Last week’s Pause and Revitalize words of inspiration:

Thomas Merton quote Henri Matisse quote Diana Nyad quote















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Pause and Revitalize #13

My weekly Pause and Revitalize posts went on hiatus for a few weeks. I’m back and happy to offer you a dash of inspiration and encouragement.

Thomas Merton, American Catholic writer, mystic, poet, social activist (1915 – 1968)
Thomas Merton quote

Henri Matisse, French painter and sculptor (1869-1954)
Henri Matisse quote

Diana Nyad, American author, journalist, motivational speaker, and long-distance swimmer (1949 – )
Diana Nyad quote

Enjoy the day and give yourself a well-deserved break.

Ann Marie

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Pause and Revitalize #12

Be kind to yourself today and share kindness with others. All of us have days where a generous word from another makes our journey just a bit easier.

Maya Angelou, American author, poet, and civil rights activist (1928 – 2014)
Robert Frost, American poet (1874 – 1963)
Alan Rickman, English actor and director (1946 – 2016)
Ann Marie

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More Quotes may be found at Iris Abbey’s Pinterest Quote Board.

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Pause and Revitalize #11

Ready to breathe deeply and revitalize? Here are today’s inspirational quotes:

St. Thomas Aquinas, Italian Dominican friar Catholic priest, philosopher, theologian, jurist (1225 – 1274)
Thomas Aquinas inspirational quote


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist, playwright, natural philosopher, diplomat, civil servant (1749 – 1832)
Goethe inspirational quote


Andre Gide, French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1869 – 1951)
Andre Gide inspirational quote

Have a lovely day,

Ann Marie

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Pause and Revitalize #10

It’s the perfect day to move forward — with your plan, your project, your life. So relax, read  these motivational quotes, and think about what you can do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer, and poet (1803 – 1882)
Ralph Waldo Emerson motivational quote


C.S. Lewis, British novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist (1898 – 1963)
C.S. Lewis quote
Anne Lamott, American novelist and non-fiction writer (1954 – )
Anne Lamott quoteYou were born as energy, as life, made of the same stuff as stars, blossoms, breezes.

I’d love to hear about what you focus on moving forward.

Ann Marie

Here are words of encouragement from previous posts. You can find more on my Quotes Board on Pinterest.

motivational quoteJimmy Carter quote
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread . . .Motivational quote













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Pause and Revitalize #9

Take a moment and inhale slowly. Now exhale. Today will be a good day.

Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher (1694 – 1778):
Voltaire quote
Anais Nin, author (1903 – 1977):
Anais Nin quote
Eric Schmidt, American software engineer, businessman, executive chairman of Alphabet Inc (formerly named Google). (1955 – ):
Eric Schmidt quote
Ann Marie

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Pause and Revitalize #8

Take a moment to inhale. And exhale. Everything is going to be all right.

Annie Dillard, American author (1945 – )
inspirational quote
Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer (1850 – 1894)
inspirational quote
Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali poet of India (1861 – 1941)
inspirational quote

Be courageous. Be inspired. Have faith.

Ann Marie

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