Brand Reasons to paint and style your mall spaceReasons to Paint and Style

If you rent space in an antique/vintage mall, you’re conveying a statement about yourself and your goods. Beyond the immediate goal of selling items, carefully consider how to paint and style your space because these activities achieve intangible results. Painting and styling strengthen your brand, visually communicate your products, and encourage clients to enter the space.

Strengthen Your Brand

We want people to recognize our business as a source for curated Mid-Century Modern furnishings. One of the ways to enhance our brand lies in the presentation of our space in Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery. Toward that end, we advise you to spend time considering wall paint colors.

Shoppers often tell us that we present a stylish booth filled with engaging items. That’s flattering to hear, but we really work at making our space sophisticated and attractive. If we sell something big, we’ve already identified a replacement piece that is quickly moved in from our warehouse.

Until last month, here’s how our booth looked:

Brand: Reasons to Paint and Style Your Vintage Mall Space

We originally chose orange for the back wall because it’s a strong color representative of the Mid-Century Modern style. Its vibrancy stopped shoppers and encouraged them to look around. A pale gray covered our two side walls because full-on orange would overpower. These colors served us well. Unfortunately, we’d hammered a few too many nails in the sheet rock. Since the orange back wall sits in front of a store window, beams of sunlight flashed through our booth. Change is vital, so we seized the opportunity to reimagine our space.

We selected a neutral backdrop to showcase the colors of our furnishings. The unanimous winner: Steamed Milk by Sherwin-Williams.Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk

Here’s Phil rolling paint on one of our gray walls. Already, the booth looks brighter.
Brand: Reasons to Paint and Style Your Vintage Mall Space

Visually Communicate Your Products

Looking to shake things up, we pulled out a few pieces that hadn’t sold and brought in furniture new to the booth. Pictures and mirrors went up on the walls. A word of caution:  deciding on the arrangements, especially hanging a gallery of pictures, takes time.

Creating vignettes is important to us. Within our space we attempt to show a living room area (the yellow sofa sold quickly), a dining table and chairs, bedroom and kitchen furniture, and a bar area.
Iris Abbey Booth

Those of you with an eye for detail will notice that we swapped out dining tables. White Furniture Company of Mebane, NC, manufactured this exquisite dining set below. The Caldwell MCM table in the photo above will go onto a Craigslist listing, and perhaps our Etsy site.
White Furniture Co. Dining Table

The cushy slipper chairs in this next photo come under the Mrs. Howard label, an upscale local designer. The saucy wench in on the framed canvas is Claudine, painted by her husband Marcel Dy, a prolific artist. At the age of 54, Dyf married the nineteen year-old Claudine and set to work painting her in a multitude of poses for the remainder of his life.

Iris Abbey Booth

We like to stock lamps because they warm the space. Take a look, above, at the variety of our floor lamps. Also, I think the carved wooden statue of the three women would be a terrific gift for a girlfriend to celebrate friendships, or a grandmother to recognize the importance of intergenerational relationships. I painted and waxed the carving and can’t believe it hasn’t sold yet.

After the gold sofa sold, we slipped a black sleeper sofa in.Black Sleeper Sofa

Encourage Clients To Enter

Although it’s a challenge, we recommend you leave space for clients to move freely. If it becomes difficult to look at even one single item, you may lose a potential sale.

Offer a variety of textures and colors so that clients want to touch. This tulip table, with pearlized table base and chairs, is newly acquired, as is the black lotus floor lamp. Michael, our son, found both those items.
White Furniture Co of Mebane dining table Iris Abbey Booth April 2, 2017

Everything you do reflects your brand, so take your time before making decisions. Think  things through for bigger results.

We’re glad you stopped by. Catch you later.

Ann Marie and David

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