Clothes Press by White Furniture Company, Mebane, NC

Since we got into the furniture business, we’re always learning something new. Take one of our recent acquisitions. We thought we bought an armoire but our furniture expert corrected that misperception.

It’s a clothes press, he said. Armoires contain a bar to hang clothing, but a clothes press has drawers into which you place your freshly ironed clothes or linens.
Clothes Press White Furniture Co.

A gorgeous piece, it boasts the White Furniture Company of Mebane, NC mark. We searched for an identical piece on the web but didn’t find a match. If you want to read more about my crush on White Furniture, try White Furniture Co. of Mebane, NC – Part 1 and Part 2.
White furniture label

This is a heavy beast — solid, functional, beautiful. Thankfully it includes casters.
White Furniture Company Clothes Press
Clothes Press White Furniture Co.
I love the raised, faceted, carved medallions on the front doors, but I can’t claim to have had much involvement with this project. David rode point.
White Furniture Company Clothes Press

He explains about cleaning those medallions here:

We initially thought the brass hardware was profoundly tarnished. Each of the knobs, door and drawer pulls sported a white covering. We tried to polish the brass with lemon juice and salt, but the tenacious white substance remained.

It occurred to David that perhaps the brass hardware had been treated at the factory with a lacquer spray for brass. He used laquer thinner to soak pieces in a small bowl for a few minutes. Next, he rubbed the brass with a rough-weave cloth and a brass wire bristle brush to scrub away the deteriorated lacquer finish.

Eureka! The white milky substance turned out to be lacquer that had allowed moisture to penetrate and cause a chemical breakdown. The result was the layer of opaque white over most of the surfaces. David eliminated the crud and brought back the warmth of the brass hardware.

The cloudy top coat pictured below is indicative of all hardware:
White Furniture Company Clothes Press

He worked hard cleaning the hardware:
White Furniture Company Clothes Press

It’s obvious that David, with all his devotion to this piece, loves her and wants to keep her. For the moment, though, she stands in Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery. 
Clothes Press

Ann Marie and David

Wondering about the resale value of White Fine Furniture? Read How Much Is My White Fine Furniture Worth?

Can You Name My White Fine Furniture Collection?

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Pause and Revitalize #11

Ready to breathe deeply and revitalize? Here are today’s inspirational quotes:

St. Thomas Aquinas, Italian Dominican friar Catholic priest, philosopher, theologian, jurist (1225 – 1274)
Thomas Aquinas inspirational quote


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, German poet, novelist, playwright, natural philosopher, diplomat, civil servant (1749 – 1832)
Goethe inspirational quote


Andre Gide, French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (1869 – 1951)
Andre Gide inspirational quote

Have a lovely day,

Ann Marie

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5 Reasons Why People Like Smalls

Antique dealers and vintage vendors use the word smalls to describe items that can charm customers. They may evoke emotions of pleasure or nostalgia or excitement. Here are 5 characteristics of smalls:

  1. Not too large. They tend to be portable.
  2. Not too pricey. Think of a small as an impulse buy. It’s something you didn’t plan to purchase but decide it’s too good to pass up. Let me make an important distinction here: an original Fabergé egg, for instance, although small in size, is not a small because of its exorbitant price. The price of smalls depends on where you shop. Our smalls generally range from $10 to $150.
  3. Lots of character. Not every small appeals to all people. You decide if it fits your personality and home. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  4. User friendlySmalls are fun. They can be quirky, stunning, colorful, dull, useful, impractical, hard or soft. Or any combination.
  5. Collectible. Some people collect specific smalls — jewelry, World War II medals, bottles, baskets, dishes, or action figures, to name a few. The beauty of smalls is that they can add to a collection or stand alone as a unique item.

Right now we are awash in smalls thanks to a few successful weeks at estate sales. We’re trying to be better about taking photos as items arrive at our home — our son Michael is responsible for all these — and then again in our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery.

This leather-covered carry case, for starters, looks intriguing. With its leather-covered handle and initials, W.J.F, what could it be?
Vintage portable cocktail case
A party in a box! Michael thoughtfully inserted the almost-empty-bottle of tequila for the photo shoot. The Mid-Century Modern fabric is wildly mod — and there’s an unopened box of cards.
Portable Cocktail Case

Handmade sweetgrass baskets, coiled in the Low Country near Charleston, SC, incorporate  techniques brought by West African slaves in the 17th century. Genuine sweetgrass baskets are prized for their intricate artwork. Would this find be valuable? Nope. Imported Asian knockoffs are sold even in Charleston’s tourist shops. The expert I checked with claims the hanging loop is a dead giveaway that it isn’t original. Yet the pattern and weave are interesting and would warm any home’s decor.
Sweetgrass Basket Repro

Here’s another piece that shouts Mid-Century Modern, made by Viking Glass Company (1944 – 1987). On a practical level, it’s a candle holder. On an aesthetic level, it’s orange flower power.
MCM Viking Glass Candleholder

These seahorse glass containers are useful, pleasing to the eye and probably contemporary. They’re perfect for a coastal home.
Seahorse Glass Containers

This is a double bell: the large outer one . . .
Brass Bell with Bell Clapper
. . . and the smaller one inside that serves as a clapper. Who doesn’t love bells?
Brass Bell with Bell Clapper Inside View

Here’s metal wall art in the shape of a lifesaver, with nautical flags aflutter. Since we live in Florida, I’m hoping this will be a popular item.
Nautical Flag Metal Wreath

Speaking of nautical flags, they served as an international code system for ships signaling each other or for ship-to-shore signals. Each flag has a special meaning, for instance:

  • A: Alpha – diver down; keep clear
  • B: Bravo – carrying dangerous cargo
  • C: Charlie – yes
  • D: Delta – keep clear
  • E: Echo – altering course to starboard

This sign, with its 3-D flags, offers historical content in a fun way:
Flag Language Sign

A 1984 handmade bowl from Hawaii came with documentation, which is pretty rare. Its shape reminds me of a tropical flower.
Makai Art Village Bowl 1984

I fell in love with this rectangular Chinese teapot and — Bonus! — we discovered an authentication paper after we returned home. We had to work to get that folded paper out of the tiny lid opening. The teapot was purchased in Kyoto, Japan, in 1986. The document claims it is over 100 years old. We’ll have to verify authenticity with our Asian expert.
Chinese antique teapot with koi

An acrylic bottle holder: it could be mid-century or new. It will look fine among the MCM items in our booth.
Acrylic bottle holder

Józefina Glass Works in Poland, started in 1980, makes handmade glass. Obviously the company didn’t exist in during the Mid-Century Modern era, but this large vase certainly looks like it could be part of that time period. To my eye, it also looks like swirls of chocolate and caramel syrup.
Józefina glass vase Poland

This poster was printed for a Picasso exhibit at the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City, 1982-83. We’ll have to reframe it, but that’s doable at our house. It’s not an antique, but it is rare and out-of-print.
Picasso Poster Mexico exhibit

Thanks for visiting. We’d love to hear about your favorite smalls — and where you discovered them. You can also find us on Facebook and Pinterest.

Ann Marie & David

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Broyhill Premier Facet China Cabinet

In 1967 the Broyhill Premier division of Broyhill produced the Facet Collection. Less than a year later, the line was shut down. Lucky for us, we got our hands on a china cabinet from that collection. It evokes splendor, style and drama and is an exceptional piece for any home.
Broyhill Premier Facet China Cabinet

With strong lines, gorgeous color, and a unique design, why did Broyhill Premier decide to discontinue its Facet Collection? The answer came down to money. Production costs were deemed too high, so Broyhill eliminated the line.

Around this time Broyhill introduced 3M synthetics (plastics) into their manufacturing process. A Broyhill Premier representative, in 1968, acknowledged that economics drove the company’s decision: “It would be impossible to do the same intricate handwork in wood at an economic price today that we now can do with molded synthetics.”

This marked one of many tipping points in the death of American furniture manufacturing. The next decades would witness new materials such as plastics, particle board, and MDF (medium-density fiberboard), introduced to boost sales and turn around company losses. But the problem was more widespread. Changing trends in furniture shopping contributed to the closing of furniture factories. Wood and upholstery production shifted overseas. Like it or not, disposable furniture became “good enough” for most of our homes.

But the Mid-Century Modern Facet Collection represents one last hurrah for solid wood. Few of these pieces exist, yet somehow we found one in Jacksonville. I can’t take credit for our outstanding sleuthing abilities. We didn’t realize how rare this cabinet was when we bought it. Only through research did we discover its uniqueness.
Broyhill Premier Facet China Cabinet

I’d like to think this china cabinet appeared on television:

When Broyhill created a division of middle- to high-end furniture in the early ‘60s, it partnered with daytime game show ‘The Price is Right.’ Bob Barker and Rod Roddy gave away countless bedroom and dining room suites over the years.

Broyhill Premier Facet China Cabinet

I love the four large windows of the Facet’s glass hutch top. Not only are collectables easily accessible, but it’s almost a wall of windows. Upper lighting is powered by two separate power cords and cast a strong, warm glow on the cabinet’s contents. The hardware is original, with knobs on the upper hutch . . .
Broyhill Premier Facet china cabinet

. . . and pulls on the lower two drawers.
Broyhill Premier Facet china cabinet

Warm-toned walnut veneer overlays the solid hardwood of this hutch.

The lower cabinet is fitted with 2 smaller doors on either side of 2 drawers. While the drawers are mounted on steel glides, the doors present an interesting, layered design.
Broyhill Premier Facet Lower Cabinet

The entire cabinet is mounted on a solid walnut stretcher base with four tapered legs.
Broyhill Premier Facet China Cabinet

The original cloth label appears on the inside of the top drawer . . .
Broyhill Premier Facet cloth label

. . . and the quality inspection sticker is still on the back.
Broyhill Premier quality stickerI can’t help gushing about this piece. Broyhill Premier’s Facet china cabinet deserves a place of recognition in the discerning modernist’s collection. Right now this beauty is in our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery.

Broyhill Premier Facet China Cabinet

You can also find us on Facebook and Pinterest.

Ann Marie and David

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Coastal Colors — Round Table Redo

See this table? A lot of work went into it, and I’m proud of it. Rightfully so. One of my early pieces, I painstakingly stenciled on top and then put touches of gold details on the base. It would fly out the door. Of this I was sure. Yet now, almost 2 years later, it sits forlornly in my living room.
Hand painted ASCP tableThe table looked radiant in Annie Sloan Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint, especially once I  stenciled a Royal Design Marrakech medallion  in gold on her, highlighted with orange ice stencil creme.
Royal Design Medallion Stencil

Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery’s owner, Suszi, borrowed her from our booth and prominently featured her in special, seasonal vignettes — Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, and yet another Christmas. My beauty sat in stunning front-door displays, where everyone who walked in saw her.

Nothing. We lowered the price. Nothing. Every time the season changed, our table boomeranged back to our booth where she languished.

Time for a makeover. It wasn’t an easy decision, but I finally embraced the idea that our elegant red, round table needed a personality change. I wanted to go for something completely different — and hoped she’d sell. I opted for coastal colors.

Since it’s spring in Florida — with summer arriving in a week or two — I chose a beachy color. I like Amy Howard’s Tick Tock from her One Step line and Ace Hardware now carries her products.

I used it once before — with a subtle whitewash — on a coffee table that quickly sold.
Amy Howard Tick Tock Paint

The thing to remember with Amy Howard’s One Step Paint is to mix it. It’s gelatinous on the bottom, so serious mixing is essential. Once it’s mixed, the paint is still thick. I like to cut it with water.

I covered the Emperor’s Silk with ASCP’s Old White — just one coat — and then moved on to Tick Tock. Here’s the table after I covered it with Old White and began to paint the legs with Tick Tock.
Amy Howard's Tick Tock

I applied two coats of Tick Tock but still needed to convey a sense of the ocean’s salt spray. I tinted my wax, a new technique for me.

I mixed Old White with Clear Wax, using more paint than wax. I didn’t measure but it had the consistency of cake frosting. Working in sections, I used a chip brush to apply this tinted wax. I waited a minute or less and wiped the mixture off. It left a light whitish covering — just what I wanted.
Coastal Colors

The white tint emphasizes the carvings:
Coastal Colors
Coastal Colors

I finished up with Clear Wax and chose not to distress her. I don’t want to detract from the salty spray.

Our new coastal table moved into our booth today and sings a serenade of spring on the coast. I’ll let you know how long she stays.
Amy Howard's Tick Tock

Ann Marie and David

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Pause and Revitalize #10

It’s the perfect day to move forward — with your plan, your project, your life. So relax, read  these motivational quotes, and think about what you can do.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer, and poet (1803 – 1882)
Ralph Waldo Emerson motivational quote


C.S. Lewis, British novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist (1898 – 1963)
C.S. Lewis quote
Anne Lamott, American novelist and non-fiction writer (1954 – )
Anne Lamott quoteYou were born as energy, as life, made of the same stuff as stars, blossoms, breezes.

I’d love to hear about what you focus on moving forward.

Ann Marie

Here are words of encouragement from previous posts. You can find more on my Quotes Board on Pinterest.

motivational quoteJimmy Carter quote
Everybody needs beauty as well as bread . . .Motivational quote













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Pause and Revitalize #9

Take a moment and inhale slowly. Now exhale. Today will be a good day.

Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer, historian, and philosopher (1694 – 1778):
Voltaire quote
Anais Nin, author (1903 – 1977):
Anais Nin quote
Eric Schmidt, American software engineer, businessman, executive chairman of Alphabet Inc (formerly named Google). (1955 – ):
Eric Schmidt quote
Ann Marie

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Kent-Coffey’s Sequence Collection

Our son, Michael, haunts Craigslist, especially now that he broke his foot at rugby. I try to keep up but with his foot elevated and nothing but time on his hands, I’m no match for him.

During one of his late night scavenges, he found a mostly complete bedroom set from the Kent-Coffey Sequence Collection, so David and I hit the road for a look. We liked what we saw and offered the seller $50 less than her asking price. Nothing doing. She knew she could get her price. We all knew she could get it — so we gave her the money.

Kent-Coffey Sequence label

The Kent-Coffey Manufacturing Company was a furniture powerhouse in the 1950s and 1960s, producing modern, sturdy, affordable designs for a rising middle class. It was part of the American Dream.

Based in Lenoir, NC, Harold Coffey began the company in 1907. He counted among his friends James Broyhill and John Bernhardt, local owners of their own iconic furniture companies. Quality furniture flowed from little Lenoir’s factories.

Here’s a 1956 Kent-Coffey ad for its Sequence Collection:

Kent-Coffey Sequence ad
Lovely Walnut . . . works wonders for your bedroom!
Here in the “Sequence” group, you see proof of Kent-Coffey’s success in making furniture that seems to be so much more expensive than it really is! Everywhere you look you see fine details — like parquetry on every top surface, and unique drawer pulls, aligned so as to form slim columns of brass. All pieces are “off the floor,” resting lightly on sculptured bases. And everywhere you see the rich grain that makes walnut so lovely! Basic, go-anywhere pieces give the “Sequence” group a marvelous flexibility. Chests, bookcases, desk, dressers — see how they align themselves to solve a difficult “long wall” problem, or turn a corner neatly. Ask your Kent-Coffey dealer to show you the “Sequence” soon! Or write for name of nearest dealer to Kent-Coffey, Dept. L-6, Lenoir, N.C.

While walnut is the primary wood, the secondary wood is mahogany. The drawers have a mahogany bottom rather than a cheaper, softer wood such as poplar.

We unloaded the pieces in our driveway for the Before photo shoot. You can see the dresser and chest here; you can’t see David holding up our bamboo rug as a backdrop.
Kent-Coffey Sequence Dresser and Chest

Four vertical parquetry stripes on the dresser’s top surface are visible in this next photo. All of the pieces in this collection have the same surface: mahogany veneer forming the perimeter as well as running vertically down the center and dividing the tops into thirds or halves.
Kent-Coffey Sequence parquetry

And the night stands:
Kent-Coffey Sequence Nightstands

David cleaned the pieces thoroughly, which was a tremendous job. He applied Watco Medium Walnut Danish Oil to highlight the rich tones of the wood and to restore the top coat.

All four pieces of Kent Coffey sit on a floating frame, a design feature borrowed from Danish Modernism. It makes heavy, blocky furniture feel lighter and expands the visible space of the room. Alas, our set doesn’t include the original Atomic Mirror pictured below. If any of you have or know of one, we would be thrilled to reunite the dresser with a matching mirror.

Kent-Coffee Sequence dresser and mirror

For those of you paying attention, just last week we finished an exhausting rearrangement in our booth featuring a 1933 Heywood-Wakefield furniture set. Those pieces came with such a romantic story that we were determined to keep them together despite many offers for individual items. We succeeded and in the blink of an eye sold out half of our booth.

This serene new configuration in our booth at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery doesn’t show the hours of labor David, Michael and I put in over the weekend to achieve this elegant look. But we walked away pleased with our efforts.
Kent Coffee Sequence bedroom furniture

Kent-Coffey Sequence Chest

Kent-Coffey Sequence Dresser

Kent-Coffey Sequence Chest

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Ann Marie and David

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Pause and Revitalize #8

Take a moment to inhale. And exhale. Everything is going to be all right.

Annie Dillard, American author (1945 – )
inspirational quote
Robert Louis Stevenson, Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer (1850 – 1894)
inspirational quote
Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali poet of India (1861 – 1941)
inspirational quote

Be courageous. Be inspired. Have faith.

Ann Marie

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DIY Moss Covered Balls

It’s Spring and I have containers to fill.

I planned to buy pre-made moss balls at Michaels but they didn’t have the size I wanted and frankly, the few in the store looked like rejects of the many shoppers ahead of me.

Really? I have to make my own? Please join me.
DIY Moss Ball

Let’s assemble materials:

  • styrofoam balls
  • a package of moss
  • a bottle of styrofoam liquid glue (my preference), or a can of spray glue for styrofoam

DIY Moss Ball supplies
Take moss from the package, stretch it out and break off chunks.
stretch moss

I first tested Easy Tack glue because I already had in my supplies. No, no, no. Shouldn’t the name say it all? I switched over to the liquid styrofoam glue, a far superior adherent. Using  my fingers I smeared the glue onto sections of the ball. That gets messy quickly.

Affix the moss in sections. I compressed each ball with both hands so that the moss would stick. A little pressure won’t tame the wildness of your moss.

After letting the moss dry, I checked for small areas of exposed styrofoam and glued additional bits of moss onto those spots. All told, I only used about one-third of my moss bag, so I should be able to churn out another four balls. I like the thick, lush sensibility of these balls rather than the thin covering on the pre-made ones.
Moss Ball and Styroglue

Let me tell you about the containers. I bought them at estate sales. I didn’t do anything to the matching set other than create the moss balls for them. The blue one is actually pewter with art nouveau decorations. A while ago I painted it with ASCP Duck Egg Blue, Old White, adding  Clear Wax and Dark Wax. I liked the moss balls with the white and gold goblets but I needed something different for the blue one.

Moss Balls in Urns

I cut a silk peony to size and placed it in the urn. For my photo shoot, I fancied it up:
Hand painted art nouveau container

And a photo at dark:
Painted urn at dark

But let’s get back to those moss balls:
Moss Balls
Moss Balls in urns

They are easy enough to make and look good. My problem occurred with excessive time I spent photographing them. You may have noticed that we’ve gone from bright daylight to a  softer evening light.
Moss ball

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Ann Marie and David

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