David and Ann Marie
Hi, there. I’m Ann Marie, residing in balmy Jacksonville, Florida, with David, my husband and best friend. We own Iris Abbey: Reimagined Decorative Furniture because we love discovering, repairing and painting vintage furniture and accessories.

David’s retirement allowed us to turn our dream into reality. As former educators, we have a passion for art and history. Iris Abbey lets us embrace our interests.

We strive to create unique, beautiful pieces, but we also want to be environmentally conscious. The EPA estimates Americans toss out 11.1 million tons of furniture and furnishings annually. That’s beyond sad.

We’re looking to salvage some of these pieces and then wave our magic wands.

I painstakingly paint pieces by hand, and am always eager to experiment with gilding, stencils, or any new product that catches my eye.

David is the tinkerer, troubleshooting the pieces and performing repairs. In a previous life he founded a theatrical company and earned degrees in theatre and directing, so he knows his way around a stage set, both in front of the lights and backstage. He can handle construction, lighting and design in his sleep.

Our son, Michael, recently joined the business and we’ve expanded into Mid-Century Modern (MCM) furniture. Michael prefers the beauty of the wood. So far he hasn’t let me come near his pieces with a paintbrush.

We are delighted to feature some of our wares at Avonlea Antiques and Design Gallery. If you are in the area, plan to spend a few hours examining amazing displays. Don’t forget to stop at the Full-Circle Eatery for a delicious meal.

So, instead of walking the college campus, we now visit estate sales and thrift stores. We choose carefully. Once we have the piece, we study the lines and discuss color and patterns — and then the magic begins.

Join us. We’d love to share our escapades with you.


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  1. Ellen Begovich
    August 5, 2014 at 9:21 pm (7 years ago)

    Your web site looks terrific! Please share those escapades with me!!!